Another amazing Campaign from FCUK..


What an awesome new campaign from the design house FCUK!

‘From Sketch to Store’ is the new AW 13 campaign, shot by Rankin and illustrated/designs by Jo Bird, which continues the theme of edgy and alternative advertising. It’s all a very simple concept with Rankin shooting 3 models in their natural form (Starkers!…fair play.) and then Jo Bird used the original shots to sketch on the new designs. It’s simple, elegant and edgy..


Known for their effortless style and sartorial designs the sketches are of clean cut, MOD jackets and blouses.

This wasn’t entirely all FCUK however..

Rankin is part of an agency called The Full Service who French Connection approached to materialise the idea.

..and what a great job they did. Its an interesting concept that will have everyone turning their heads which is just what FCUK wanted. I’m absolutely loving this and hope that they get a lot of recognition for it!

Heres the rest!

Amz x




(This is a gorgeous sketch!)



Selected?…ALL OF IT


Working for Avoca has given me the opportunity to get to know different brands of clothing that they sell throughout their stores in Ireland. One brand that constantly delivers beautiful and on trend items is SELECTED.

Selected is a Danish family owned brand which has been running for at least 25 years. They cater for both men and women, originally starting as a menswear brand. They focus on keeping their garments current and sophisticated.

Their menswear line is created for the modern man, its all very contemporary and focuses on fitted shirts and suits. I love a well dressed man as much as the next girl so I have been spreading the word to my male friends and family.


When all the knitwear for winter came in majority of my colleagues and myself all wanted the jumpers for ourselves let alone buy them for relatives. I have to say the mens stuff if very simple and minimal but thats what’s great about it, you can forever mix and match and now have to worry about clashes etc.


The great thing about the womenswear side of the company is that its split into two departments; Selected Femme and Selected Femme Jeans.  Selected Femme focuses on feminine cuts and sharp tailoring in delicate colours.



Selected Femme Jeans follows a more edgy, rock ‘n’ roll vibe! It uses more washed out and worn looks to give an urban look. It definitely uses more vibrant patterned fabrics and denim in this range and caters to the more laidback and louder customer. (ME!)



 The only downside to this company is that they don’t deliver to Northern Ireland or Scotland.. so if you can find a retailer that stocks their stuff…snap it up! Or else use your english friends as a courier business?? Check out the collections below:



Is anyone else sick of seeing the same boxers on every guy they see? If its not Calvin Klein, it’s David Beckham or else some no namers from Primark or something. In steps DaDa…

Here’s a few guys who have taken it upon themselves to look at this product with the view of…well being the ones who actually wear it! They have come up with a unique blend of cotton and bamboo to produce probably the softest boxers I’ve ever felt.. They also pride themselves with their ethical stance on empowering the people who manufacture goods and also having 100% recyclable packaging.

They set up their business using the funding platform website and have a great video all about how they decided upon their product, so check it out :

Alternatively, buy your man some undercrackers!!

Good luck guys! I’ll be ordering all further underwear presents from you!

(I originally ordered the DaDa’s for my brother, but having received them I think Im keeping them for myself haha! )