Victoria Beckham….the Love of my Life

Victoria Beckham at her Autumn/ Winter 2014 Show


Yet again this woman makes me crumble at her feet. 

Victoria Beckham is an absolute genius and her recent New York Show cements this fact to the absolute core. She has really adapted from the original figure hugging, waist clenching power dresses, which first brought her onto the scene 5 years ago. 




This season sees sleeveless coats, tailored mannish trousers under long floaty skirts and, of course, her signature structured handbags.  I am loving these side chained coats, especially the sleeveless white one (See above) As always, we see a lot of colour blocking in this range, but unlike most autumn/winter collections, this collection is brighter. 



It’s so refreshing to see her throwing away the waist clenching dresses, and go for more fun, drop waisted, oversized shapes. I am also loving this blue injection; When thinking of autumn, you automatically think purples, greens, browns etc.  It’s amazing seeing royal blue standing out so prominently with such a respected and influential designer.  



Another notable detail of the range are the beautiful midi skirts. This trend has really taken off over the last year and VB steps it up a notch with the visible slits towards the front of hers. This gives a nod towards the Cullottes trend thats coming on strong. 

I love everything about this collection, this woman and what she’s doing. I am forever in awe of how far she has come and how much she’s achieved herself. My inspiration forever..

Amz x


Lola’s Vintage Kilo Sale


Well as some of you may know, a friend came to me a few months ago wanting to know if I would be interested in helping to start a new venture in Belfast. The concept was simple…selling vintage clothing by the kilo at a reasonable price. So we joined forces and in a few weeks had gathered a head-spinning amount of clothes. We were in heaven.. literally. We spent the first few days saying “Oh WOW ..look at this“, “Oh my God…” or “I LOVE THIS!” you can expect..not alot got done.

However, on going though the clothes we decided that there were some pieces that could be altered to become more sellable items. One item in particular was a very colourful midi tea dress that I separated and tailored to fit Orla. I threw in an elasticated waistband and turned up the finish on the top to give her a bit of Mid-riff on show. We were so pleased with the outcome that she decided she was going to wear it on the day of the sale. (See picture at the end!)

Alongside day dresses, we gathered a lot of branded denim (shorts, jeans, shirts, jackets), skirts(midi, maxi, pencil), shirts(flannel, cord, striped, gingham), blouses, t-shirts and accessories. Throughout all the clothes gathering we thought long and hard about a suitable venue. We wanted to create an event, not just a pop-up vintage shop. We wanted music and drinks and somewhere that people felt relaxed and chilled.. a genuinely great shopping experience. Then it came to us one day… The Black Box. It was perfect. A great space, equipment to provide music and a bar and entertainment license. What more could you ask for?




Over the next few days we got a meeting with the events manager, went down and had a look around and knew it was perfect. So that was another box ticked on our huge To-Do list. From here on in it was a case of getting the word out to ever interested soul in Belfast. With the audience we were targeting, we knew social media was key so we got a Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram account and started running a Tumblr feed. We thought it was really important to keep people interested throughout the whole run-up to the event, so we shared as much information as we could with our followers about what we were doing. Making them feel like they were involved with it too!

So as it came closer to the big day we organised what was going to go where and decided that we were going to set aside a good chunk of the stock to put out later in the afternoon, as there were a lot of people coming around after work on that day. Tensions were high and we were up to all hours getting organised and pulling it all together.

So it finally came to the big day…we were up from the crack of dawn and down to the black box, props and all, to unload everything and jazz up the venue. We had friends and family (without them we couldn’t have pulled it all off) running around finding hangers, setting up tables etc. It. Was. Chaos. Finally, we opened the doors a little after 10 and there was a swarm of people. It was great! The music was on, we were chatting away to customers, every one was really happy with what they were seeing. We had changing room facilities too which helped immensely and it gave us a better experience with the customers, being able to chat to them about their own style and what they were thinking about the whole event.

Hours flew by and we had a really overwhelming amount of people turning up and showing their support. It got to the point where we had to start putting out our bags of clothes that we had set aside to put out later in the afternoon. Great for us that we were flying through so much stock, slightly unfortunate for the people coming later in the afternoon. Although, having chatted to the later arrivers they seemed very happy with what they got in the end!

Throughout the day we got a lot of feedback from people on Facebook and Twitter expressing how great the event was and when the next one is going to be.

So folks, were back in the office, preparing what new items to bring to you and when the next one will be. It’s all very exciting and I can’t thank my wonderful friend Orla enough for asking me to be a part of something so exciting and fun. I hope there will be many many more to come in the future.

See you all at the next sale!

Thanks, Amz x