Another amazing Campaign from FCUK..


What an awesome new campaign from the design house FCUK!

‘From Sketch to Store’ is the new AW 13 campaign, shot by Rankin and illustrated/designs by Jo Bird, which continues the theme of edgy and alternative advertising. It’s all a very simple concept with Rankin shooting 3 models in their natural form (Starkers!…fair play.) and then Jo Bird used the original shots to sketch on the new designs. It’s simple, elegant and edgy..


Known for their effortless style and sartorial designs the sketches are of clean cut, MOD jackets and blouses.

This wasn’t entirely all FCUK however..

Rankin is part of an agency called The Full Service who French Connection approached to materialise the idea.

..and what a great job they did. Its an interesting concept that will have everyone turning their heads which is just what FCUK wanted. I’m absolutely loving this and hope that they get a lot of recognition for it!

Heres the rest!

Amz x




(This is a gorgeous sketch!)



Oh Hello Sunshine!


Im not the only girl in Belfast that rolls her eyes when the sun come out. Yes, initially I get all excited and think about how many lovely little dresses I can go through, but I get the dread of having to make sure that my legs can on display for longer than a few hours a day. 

So the no.1 tip I’ve gathered over the years is to always carry a good moisturiser…simples. Even if you don’t suffer from dry skin or anything, once you slap on a quick layer of a decent moisturiser, your legs look immediately slim and radiant.

So heres my pick of a few favourites! 




Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion £7.65

(also available in handy travel sizes)




Body Shop Olive Body Butter £13




Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula Body Butter £4



Vaseline Essential Moisture Cocoa Radiant £2.99

(My favourite!)

Amz x

All of a sudden…Tulle Everywhere!

Is it just me or is the Tutu making a comeback? Every media outlet I turn to is crunching out all shapes, sizes and colours of beautifully ruffled tulle skirts……AND I LOVE IT!




I first starting seeing these skirts showing up on Pinterest when I was gathering ideas on what style to make for my graduation dress. (Yeah…that didn’t happen..) But ever since, I can’t stop looking at them, they’re just so dreamy. And I’m not the only girl who immediate thinks of Miss Bradshaw when I hear the word tutu either..



And why the hell not? Okay you don’t have to go full Tutu…you can get them in all different subtle lengths and colours too! It’s definitely been added to my list of garments to roll out over the next few months. Just so pretty!



xx Amz

Lola’s Vintage Kilo Sale


Well as some of you may know, a friend came to me a few months ago wanting to know if I would be interested in helping to start a new venture in Belfast. The concept was simple…selling vintage clothing by the kilo at a reasonable price. So we joined forces and in a few weeks had gathered a head-spinning amount of clothes. We were in heaven.. literally. We spent the first few days saying “Oh WOW ..look at this“, “Oh my God…” or “I LOVE THIS!” you can expect..not alot got done.

However, on going though the clothes we decided that there were some pieces that could be altered to become more sellable items. One item in particular was a very colourful midi tea dress that I separated and tailored to fit Orla. I threw in an elasticated waistband and turned up the finish on the top to give her a bit of Mid-riff on show. We were so pleased with the outcome that she decided she was going to wear it on the day of the sale. (See picture at the end!)

Alongside day dresses, we gathered a lot of branded denim (shorts, jeans, shirts, jackets), skirts(midi, maxi, pencil), shirts(flannel, cord, striped, gingham), blouses, t-shirts and accessories. Throughout all the clothes gathering we thought long and hard about a suitable venue. We wanted to create an event, not just a pop-up vintage shop. We wanted music and drinks and somewhere that people felt relaxed and chilled.. a genuinely great shopping experience. Then it came to us one day… The Black Box. It was perfect. A great space, equipment to provide music and a bar and entertainment license. What more could you ask for?




Over the next few days we got a meeting with the events manager, went down and had a look around and knew it was perfect. So that was another box ticked on our huge To-Do list. From here on in it was a case of getting the word out to ever interested soul in Belfast. With the audience we were targeting, we knew social media was key so we got a Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram account and started running a Tumblr feed. We thought it was really important to keep people interested throughout the whole run-up to the event, so we shared as much information as we could with our followers about what we were doing. Making them feel like they were involved with it too!

So as it came closer to the big day we organised what was going to go where and decided that we were going to set aside a good chunk of the stock to put out later in the afternoon, as there were a lot of people coming around after work on that day. Tensions were high and we were up to all hours getting organised and pulling it all together.

So it finally came to the big day…we were up from the crack of dawn and down to the black box, props and all, to unload everything and jazz up the venue. We had friends and family (without them we couldn’t have pulled it all off) running around finding hangers, setting up tables etc. It. Was. Chaos. Finally, we opened the doors a little after 10 and there was a swarm of people. It was great! The music was on, we were chatting away to customers, every one was really happy with what they were seeing. We had changing room facilities too which helped immensely and it gave us a better experience with the customers, being able to chat to them about their own style and what they were thinking about the whole event.

Hours flew by and we had a really overwhelming amount of people turning up and showing their support. It got to the point where we had to start putting out our bags of clothes that we had set aside to put out later in the afternoon. Great for us that we were flying through so much stock, slightly unfortunate for the people coming later in the afternoon. Although, having chatted to the later arrivers they seemed very happy with what they got in the end!

Throughout the day we got a lot of feedback from people on Facebook and Twitter expressing how great the event was and when the next one is going to be.

So folks, were back in the office, preparing what new items to bring to you and when the next one will be. It’s all very exciting and I can’t thank my wonderful friend Orla enough for asking me to be a part of something so exciting and fun. I hope there will be many many more to come in the future.

See you all at the next sale!

Thanks, Amz x


Liberty just did it..

Liberty seem to be on the ball with their collaborations these days. Not only have they been in cahoots with levi to produce some summery denim pieces..










…they’ve gone and done it with Nike too.

Behold what will be the most lusted after trainers of the summer.

e19442c5405389a73061f05ff9549e93 c09ba0c256e21c9911ee2a73f4fa8455 4c6e6a7c82bd980ad69d767ca5a61f4c

They definitely have their finger on the pulse as Nike’s Blazer trainer is fast becoming the new footwear of choice these days. It’s perfect! And just in time for the sun starting to come out more.

Get yours now!

for more updates on collaborations visit their twitter ( or on Pinterest (

Amz x

Forever Balmain..

Balmain is one of those brands that bubbles a little under the radar but every now and again, a celebrity pops up wearing something truly beautiful and were reminded just how wonderful this brand is!


I am of course talking about Kate Bosworth rocking up to the Met Gala 2013 sporting their Pink embellished ‘Top’ from their Fall 2013 collection. Superbly teamed with a gold belt and simple Salvatore Ferragamo black stilettos, the stunning Top/Dress did all the talking. And this is the case with most of Balmain’s collections.

Looking back over the years, their collections boast Big shoulders, awesome embellishment and just outright Shouty colours and fabrics! They just know exactly how to make an outfit stand out.




Although this design house is french their 2013 collections have been quite asian inspired, with wrap over jackets and embellished tunics. The great thing about it is you need little accessorising with these power players. Minimal jewellery and a soft hued heel is all that is required to look truly beautiful.

Zoe Saldana is clearly a big fan of Olivier Rousteing’s work as she has been seen at countless red carpet events wearing his designs and working them fabulously.



However, they aren’t all about the ‘in your face’ bold and bright… they know a thing or two about tailoring and masculine edge.



Here’s a few outfits I’ve come across over the years that have always stuck with me.


(Embellished Dress – Autumn/Winter 12/13)


(Embellished Knit Dress – Autumn/Winter 11/12)


(Sequin Dress – Autumn/Winter 10/11)

e8a438fea9b2205d325abdc3195842da(Embellished dress – Spring/Summer 13)

instagram : Balmainparis


If your a big fan of embellished dresses and daring prints you should look up Scottish Designer Hayley Scanlan. Her designs focus on Swarovski studded prints and accessories that make a lasting impression.


fb :

H&M’s new baby… & Other Stories..

Recently, I’ve had to bury my head in a mountain of books and papers, and knuckle down to complete an exam. We all know that this simply not true…endless days were spent procrastinating online and in magazines. One good thing that came out of it was my ever growing love for the new brand launched under the H&M group – & Other Stories.

Primarily based in Europe…(well they have a store in London..) they have created a brand that’s slightly more expensive than H&M, but provides exquisite shapes and colours that will suit just about everyone.

They have a great range of products from shirts, shoes and bags to underwear, makeup and swimwear. I love that they have stuck to their european style with a lot of delicate materials in subdued tones but have also created a lot of timeless bold prints and key pieces. They’re definitely a brand to dable in to keep your look fresh and perfect for the subtle on-trend accessory. They are going to be a brand that I will be investing in…Here are a few pieces i adore!


(this is the picture that stole my heart…I’ve always been a great fan of the printed pants and blazer and when I seen this in Grazia it was genuinely inspiring..)


(I’m going through a bit of an Emerald green obsession at the minute so when I saw this I immediately knew this brand was the one..)


(These are ticking those metallic box and two-tone boxes whilst encouraging my need to stray away from the ballet pump rut and stick to brogues and more structured shoes…)


(There’s no better way to brighten up your outfit than a good colour pop with your handbag, be it a clutch or a good daytime tote… I love the neon trimming!)


(I love the simplicity of their underwear too….I’m a sucker for a good matching set and when I seen the price for these beauties I was so happy! )

Have a look at their Tumblr and give them a like on Facebook…they’re great for uploading pictures of what they’re getting up to!

Enjoy! Amz x

The Power of the Crisp White Shirt…

There are some things that you put on, look at yourself and think…. “I can do anything!” For me it is 100% having a clean, crisp, fitted white shirt. Not a blouse, sheer top or smock…..a cotton shirt with starched collar and cuffs. 

It’s something that anyone can pull off too. It’s not for people who have a certain style, its an alternative that looks smart, sophisticated and elegant. It’s also bang on trend with this monochrome movement thats gracing all our magazines and favourite fashion websites. I’ve been coming across a lot of great white shirts by Valentino and Carolina Herrera.

But if, like me, your budget isn’t quite up there then here are some great shirts I’ve come across on the high street. I believe that this is an item that you will really appreciate and should invest in because it is timeless..




Zara £19.99



Abercrombie £58



Urban Outfitters, BDG £38.00



Asos Pintuck Winged Collar Shirt £25.00


X Amz

Deliciously Moisturising…


I have been around the block and back when it comes to all over body moisturisers, but I have come to the conclusion that it is something that you have to invest in. Although it doesn’t have to be at a very costly price.. (Okay if you have the money you should go and get yourself into the Dr.Hauschka programme…but anyway.) I am a bit tight sometimes in a sense that I hate having to spend a fortune in boots, so I’ll always choose the ‘Buy one get one free’ option or ‘2 for £3’ but it all came crashing down when I decided against buying my regular moisturiser for a cheaper alternative.

Oh yes, I decided to give Garnier Intensive 7 Day body lotion a go.. (Oh how I wish I didn’t) It was a few pounds cheaper than my usual so I thought, ‘Hey, moisturiser is moisturiser’ ….No Amy….far from it. If anything this product made my skin even dryer…(Which I think is their ploy so you put more of their product on…crafty sneaks!)

So today was the day, I bit the bullet and spent the guts of £5 on moisturiser (ha yeah I told you I was tight ) and bought my lovely, trustworthy Vaseline Essential Moisture (With pure Cocoa Butter extract). I was a committed user of Body Shop Body Butter for a very long time, but once Vaseline launched this range, Ive been hooked. I do suffer from dry skin in general and I’m not one for hanging about for ages after a shower with a big routine. I like a cream that gives long lasting moisture and that I can apply quickly (..and it smells awesome too!)

So do your skin a favour and give it a go, I will never go back to a cheaper alternative again..I’ve learn’t my lesson. x Amz