A Piece of Me . . .

I could sum myself up in 3 words…. Grazia, Sewing and Scotland. But I’ll elaborate on myself a little…

I’ve been a student of University of Dundee for the past 3 years studying Accountancy…(grim eh?) and this year I finally decided enough was enough. The thought of the money I could potentially earn from it just wasn’t enough drive for me anymore. I’d always been a bit of a fashion fanatic…fuelled by Grazia (Honestly, I’ve maybe missed a maximum of 4 issues since it started..), and having a mother who is endlessly making dresses/knitting jumpers and turning up trousers. I finally thought I’d begin a blog to share my thoughts and ideas on fashion, beauty and general life decisions. (Maybe the odd picture of stuff I’ve made…)

I’m slowly but surely getting the hang of it all so hopefully should be getting more blogs up and on the go! Hope you enjoy and feel free to share your thoughts and comments on any of my posts 🙂  x Amz



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