Getting Your Shit Together…




Just off the back of my post the other day, I feel like right now, in this particular moment, I HAVE MY SHIT TOGETHER…

No, I don’t have my ultimate dream job, no I don’t live in my own house, no I cannot comfortably afford to do my weekly shopping in M&S, but I’ve just sat down and done some long overdue financial calculations and created an actual budget for myself and I feel fucking awesome.

And it got me thinking..having your shit together is not having been able to tick all the boxes and thats you, your sorted for the rest of your life. The shit that you want to have together is always changing with what you want from life. I suppose you never really have it all together, you just have your ducks in a bit more of an organised line? (beware i’m about to get a little deep again!) I think that’s whats wrong with this generation, the unbearable pressure we put on ourselves to have it all figured out. To get on the ladder as fast as we can and keep climbing, keep aspiring, keep busy, who worked the longest hours? Who’s had the littlest amount of sleep? How many flights have you had this week? It’s mad! (Don’t get me wrong I commend the people who do it because they want to, fair play to all of you!)

But what if you don’t want to be on the ladder?

That’s okay, the world isn’t going to end! If you know that’s not something you want to be doing , don’t torture yourself with the anxiety and stress of trying to convince yourself otherwise. BE BRAVE!

But anyway, back to my point. Little mini victories can make you feel like you’ve climbed a mountain. I’ve been saying I needed to do this ‘life admin’ for a solid 3 months .. I am the ultimate in procrastination. The debt collectors could have been knocking the door down and I’ll still find time to go and get myself an ethiopian aeropress from Established and a doughnut from Oh! Donuts. I’m a dodger of all things adult but when you actually sit down and do the adulting, it’s not actually that bad and your head feels a little lighter.

So if there’s something thats been hanging over you for a while, go make yourself a cuppa, pour the goddamn glass of wine, light a candle and just get stuck in. Theres no time like the present..

Amz xx



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