Shit happens…


Life.. relationships…jobs… this journey we’re riding is never plain sailing. And even when you think it is, theres always a shitshow hiding around the corner. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve read THE SECRET and I know..”the frequency you put out is what you’ll get back” but sometimes it’s just not that simple..

I’ve come to realise that life is a series of unfortunate events that make you a stronger person, it throws situations and decisions in front of you and it’s in how you choose to deal with these that you see the kind of person you will be and the life your going to live. Deep right? I know I have my moments.. occasionally…

So this is yet another post, a therapeutic one I suppose to get me through this particular patch.

Reading back on my post from years ago about leaving university and accepting that shit just doesn’t go the way you think it will. The person I was and even the place I was in when I wrote that has yet again changed so much. I remember writing that and thinking then that I was on this road and I could see where things were heading. But here we are, another twist in the road and another obstacle to overcome and move forward. And guess what, the earths still turning, I’m still alive and life has gone on. Just as everyone said it would..

So this is just a quick one from me, in amongst the Instagram stories and advice I’m dishing out left right and centre, to tell you that although on the surface of social media and the outward appearances, everyone is struggling with their own shit. But also that whatever shit is happening in your life right now, what ever obstacles your trying to overcome, whatever strength and courage your trying to muster to get your ass out of bed in the morning etc. It’s okay to not have your shit together, you just focus one day at a time and soon the good days outnumber the bad. And if today isn’t that day for you, thats alright.. theres always tomorrow..

Amz xx



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