VOYA – The 100% Irish beauty brand that you should be proud of!




If you haven’t heard of the brand VOYA before then don’t worry, you aren’t the only one. I only know about it from working in Avoca and they love to promote home grown talent. (A lot of people might recognise if from Galgorm Spa, they offer a fantastic Voya facial and massage!)

Okay quick background! Lets start at the beginning.

Voya is an Irish company, (Strandhill, Co. Sligo to be exact), and was founded by the inspiring Walton family.

Re-establishing the Seaweed bath heritage in the area, the Walton family wanted to extend the variety of seaweed products they could provide. They searched for a beauty range that considered the same ethos and values that they strived for, and were hard-pushed. So, they decided to work with top scientists and dermatologists to begin their production of concentrated, seaweed based, organically-sourced beauty products.

I was so delighted to hear this story. It’s amazing to hear when people are so passionate about something, and I really get the sense that this passion is passed on throughout the whole company. Eva (Our Voya representative for Avoca) is so enthusiastic and knowledgable about the brand, its hard not to be excited about new products and events.

So, I had never actually tried any Voya products. For years, I was under the impression that they were an Anti-Ageing product that targeted customers with more mature skin. But, Eva was informing us that they were splitting the products into dry skin, Oily/combination and normal/sensitive skin ranges.

We delved deeper into the science and she set out a few key points to extend to customers so here’s the important ones that I took on board;

  • For oil/combination skin

Never EVER use a scrub wash for oily skin. Yes initially your skin will seem scrubbed of oil but this action will cause your skin want to produce more and more sebum so it’ll be worse in the long run. Choose an exfoliator which will minimise the look of pores and help balance your skin. Voya’s Luminosity Exfoliator contains pineapple and seaweed enzymes that help to reduce visibility of pores.

I know that some people with oily skin may think that serums are a write-off because it seems crazy to put a gel-like liquid onto your already oily face. But Voya have produced this amazing facial serum that actually leaves the skin almost matte finish. They have harnessed two key ingredients that help to restore the balance within the skin, Himanthailia elongate (a type of seaweed) and Sea Buckthorn (the ingredient that targets skin redness). Voya Balancing Act Serum has been hailed a ‘superstar for oily skin.’

  • For Dry Skin

Those of us with dry skin need something a little tougher to help our body’s fulfil its natural skin cycle. Every 28 days your skin cells are re-produced and naturally they should just fall off as new ones take their place. But some of us have to intervene a little and help get rid of the pesky dry/dead skin. (Yes, I’m also a little horrified at my choice of wording but you get the drift!) We need a good scrub that will help to clear away those unwanted skin cells and make way for the ones that are ready to glow and shine! We need Voya’s Love a Scrub Facial Scrub! No fear of environmentally polluting microbeads in this product, they use bamboo grain to help naturally and delicately exfoliate your skin to leave it fresh and glowing.

In terms of serum, I want something that packs a punch! I want something that leaves my skin radiant and leave people thinking “wow! Her skin is flawless” Voya have produced ‘Liquid Gold’ with their intensely organic (99.6% certified) daily facial serum, My Little Hero. With a mixture of deeply nourishing natural oils, this serum helps to bring back life to dry and dull skin.

  • For Sensitive Skin/Normal Skin

I have been very lucky as to have been given a gift from VOYA. I received their Palmarosa Balm Facial Serum and Visage Awakening Eye Mask. I have had a few days of using these two and I have to say, I have noticed a big difference.With the good weather this week, i’ve been able to go without my foundation because the glow I had from using this serum has been amazing. I’ve had such even skin tone and the hydration has been phenomenal. I wasn’t a believer in eye creams just yet as I’m literally only turning 25 tomorrow, but having used this for a few days I’ve definitely noticed a brightness around my eyes. I would definitely keep this for those rough times when sleep isn’t 100% your priority and you need something that will give you a little lift.


I’d also like to mention another product. This is my personal superhero product and I can’t stop talking about it. If, like me, you find that you just cannot be bothered to moisturise your body every day, (but you get annoyed when you see people with beautifully soft skin and legs!) you need this Body Oil…


I am completely obsessed. I’ve found that body creams can be initially really moisturising but you find yourself having to reapply almost every day. And I just can’t be bothered, I’m either too tired from watching too much Jane the Virgin or I’ve lost half an hour just mindlessly scrolling through Instagram. Nevertheless,  I want something that I don’t have to apply all the time and really hydrates deep into my skin.

(because I don’t know about you but my legs and arms can get so scaly sometimes,

especially if I have fake tan on!!)

When you apply the Angelicus Serratus Body Oil, it lasts! Like you are super silky smooth for up to 24hrs. And you really don’t even have to use that much of it, one pump goes a long way. I applied it to my legs and arms before going to bed and, even when I had showered and got ready the next morning, my arms were still so soft!

It’s the perfect product for weather like this when you genuinely just don’t know if your going to have to get your legs out or not.

If you are considering giving VOYA skincare a go, I think it’ll be a change that you will not regret. I know that people might be a bit reluctant as the price point is a little high, but honestly, they source only the most organic ingredients to put into their products. And unfortunately that comes at a price.

Voya are such a GOOD company; they put a lot of their money into their biodegradable packaging and bottles (their new packaging is made from seaweed and inks ground down and added to paper), their owner and founder Kira Walton is a Global Wellness Ambassador and amongst other things they strive to use only ethically sourced and sustainable ingredients.

So yes you are paying more than the usual price you would find in Boots for a cleanser or a serum but at the end of the day, your skin deserves the best. Honestly when your skin gets used to using only really good natural ingredients and you try to use a quick cheap product again, your skin will react to all those harmful chemicals and you’ll see exactly how bad those products are for you.

So I say, invest in the family run company that is trying to give you great skin whilst breaking boundaries in innovative beauty products! Put your money back into Ireland, whether its Voya or the many other natural homemade beauty products popping up all over the country. The rise of Natural products is no coincidence, people are saying no to putting harmful chemicals on their skin and so they should!

Okay I’m going to call it quits there before I start ranting about global beauty brands.

If you fancy a sample of any of the VOYA products, call into Avoca Belfast or any of the other Avoca stores or alternatively, contact VOYA themselves. We have regular events in-store where you can talk to Eva, or other staff about trying out some new products, so keep an eye on the Avoca Facebook page or alternatively, I’ll always mention it on my pages.

Thanks for reading! 🙂

Amz x



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