Ditch the Vaseline..



Ever since I can remember, there’s always been a little tin of Vaseline knocking about. There’s nothing worse than chapped lips so I became a sucker for grabbing one every time I was in Boots. Soon, you couldn’t stretch out your hand without bumping into one.

It was only when I noticed a girl I work with was always using a Chapstick I asked, “Elaine, why do you never use Vaseline” … The look she have me could have killed someone.

So there and then I learnt that petroleum isn’t good for your lips. They become addicted to it, that’s why when you keep applying a little bit of Vaseline that they instantly go smooth.

I decided to test this theory and chuck out all my little tins and use Burt’s Bee’s lip salve. It was tough.. I felt my lips become dryed out quite quickly so I made it a mission to keep one on my person, in my handbag and one by my bed at all times.

After a few weeks I noticed a big difference, I didn’t need to use it as much. My lips could last days without any balm and I never even thought about it.

You should try it! Here are some of my recommendations to try instead!


Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Lip Balm £1.89


Burt’s Bees Replenishing Lip Balm £3.69

Amz x


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