Deliciously Moisturising…


I have been around the block and back when it comes to all over body moisturisers, but I have come to the conclusion that it is something that you have to invest in. Although it doesn’t have to be at a very costly price.. (Okay if you have the money you should go and get yourself into the Dr.Hauschka programme…but anyway.) I am a bit tight sometimes in a sense that I hate having to spend a fortune in boots, so I’ll always choose the ‘Buy one get one free’ option or ‘2 for £3’ but it all came crashing down when I decided against buying my regular moisturiser for a cheaper alternative.

Oh yes, I decided to give Garnier Intensive 7 Day body lotion a go.. (Oh how I wish I didn’t) It was a few pounds cheaper than my usual so I thought, ‘Hey, moisturiser is moisturiser’ ….No Amy….far from it. If anything this product made my skin even dryer…(Which I think is their ploy so you put more of their product on…crafty sneaks!)

So today was the day, I bit the bullet and spent the guts of £5 on moisturiser (ha yeah I told you I was tight ) and bought my lovely, trustworthy Vaseline Essential Moisture (With pure Cocoa Butter extract). I was a committed user of Body Shop Body Butter for a very long time, but once Vaseline launched this range, Ive been hooked. I do suffer from dry skin in general and I’m not one for hanging about for ages after a shower with a big routine. I like a cream that gives long lasting moisture and that I can apply quickly (..and it smells awesome too!)

So do your skin a favour and give it a go, I will never go back to a cheaper alternative again..I’ve learn’t my lesson. x Amz


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