Hayley Scanlan…aka Wonder Woman


This, my dear friends, is one seriously inspirational woman. A while back one of my friends was asked to model in a local designer’s show in Dundee. I wasn’t there at the time but soon after the show I started seeing all these pictures of Holly tagged in these exceptionally graphic and amazing dresses. *Googles Hayley Scanlan* …..wow. Having went to University of Dundee’s Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art, she whizzed off to L.A to intern at print designing with Jeremy Scott. And boy is she good at print designing. Her graduate collection ‘ New Frontiers’ is packed to the rafter with bright asymmetrical pieces that take your breath away. The key aspect of Scanlan’s designs is the attention to detail. Her garments are hand embellished with studds and spikes (not the extent where its hazardous to your health!) which gives the pieces that gritty edge for individuality.

I wanted to write a piece on Hayley Scanlan because having seen how far she has come and how talented she is, her work deserves to be spread. It has inspired me to continue to develop my own dressmaking skills further and keep aspiring to be in her shoes in the near future..

Hayley is currently working on her next collection which she is due to show In New York (how exciting!!) and hopefully will be as jaw-dropping and inspiring as the previous pieces.

She loves a bit of social media so check her out :



Instagram: @hayleyscanlanstudios

and of course http://www.hayleyscanlan.com


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