Is anyone else sick of seeing the same boxers on every guy they see? If its not Calvin Klein, it’s David Beckham or else some no namers from Primark or something. In steps DaDa…

Here’s a few guys who have taken it upon themselves to look at this product with the view of…well being the ones who actually wear it! They have come up with a unique blend of cotton and bamboo to produce probably the softest boxers I’ve ever felt.. They also pride themselves with their ethical stance on empowering the people who manufacture goods and also having 100% recyclable packaging.

They set up their business using the funding platform website and have a great video all about how they decided upon their product, so check it out :

Alternatively, buy your man some undercrackers!!

Good luck guys! I’ll be ordering all further underwear presents from you!

(I originally ordered the DaDa’s for my brother, but having received them I think Im keeping them for myself haha! )


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