Can’t find that perfect dress thats in your head?


A couple of months back I came across this website that was in the making…and finally it’s up and running! Woohoo!

So it’s .. basically you upload an image or design that you wish to have your dress printed with and then choose the style of dress you wish to have designed.

You can upload as many as you want and save your designs in your own online wardrobe and the best thing is you wont have that awkward moment in the bathroom of a club when you realise the girl next to you is sporting the same outfit. As a dressmaking enthusiast I think this is perfect as one of the reasons I got into this is because theres nothing more frustrating than having the perfect dress in your head and not being able to find it. So go forth and design those perfect individual dresses and make that designer dream a reality.

Also, give the blog a wee peep aswell. Mary and Jenna seem  like fantastic women who have revolutionised the way we will buy our clothes in the future. Big thumbs up from me ladies, kudos! I’ll be spreading the word around Belfast.


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