Holmes and Yang

Okay, so anyone who knows me knows that I adore Katie Holmes and think she’s amazing. So when I heard she had collaborated with her stylist Jeanne Yang to produce a collection I got a wee bit too excited. Since her d-bomb with one Mr Topgun, Katie has been papped in some seriously desirable post divorce ensembles. So after hours of googling/blog searching there was no live footage of their 2013 show online, however, I did come across a short video they posted on their Facebook page of backstage (See Facebook link Below).

It ticks the leather seperates, neon infusion and statement coat boxes and a few more on trend pieces thrown in for good measure . Their collection is simple, elegant, chic and so desirable I want to cry a little bit that Im not filthy rich. This collection has a little bit of everything I want and I hope to see these two alot more in the next while…I will of course be keeping an eye on them and keep you posted!


See what they’re up to at : https://www.facebook.com/HolmesandYang or on their Twitter page : @Holmesandyang


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