VB S/S 13 Ready To Wear

Every year I get goosebumps watching Victoria Beckham’s newest collection bombing down the catwalk and this year was so exception. With three simple colours, she’s managed to produce a fresh take on the white shirt/LBD and (what I think was a little bit Wimbledon inspired) white spring dresses. The detailing on the fitted evening dresses are minute  but add to the sultry expression the dresses give off. My only ever criticism about VB’s shows are the stick insects she uses to model her pieces. Over the past years so many celebrities have worn VB dresses in all shapes and sizes and they have all looked fabulous. Does this not highlight the fact that her dresses are catered for all? SO SHOW THE WORLD! Also, I hate that thicker waist belts are coming back in… It brings me back to wearing tartan skirts and big belts when I was 9 years old. And to quote my mother “Good Lord, if I wore that belt on my waist I’d feel like I was walking around with one of those Slendertone things…” Point proved mother..

But hey, here it is…see for yourself..



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